Visual development – One Night on earth.



Preview on one of the shot from *One night on earth* a personal project.

This is a Playblast 100% realtime using viewport 2.0 with Maya.  No render.



WW1 Centenary – Melbourne Museum

I have been very busy working with the talented Design & Animation Director Andrew Barry over the past few months, on a project for the Museum of Melbourne for the WW1 Centenary Exhibition. ( )

I did over 30 Illustrations , but also all the storyboards and concepts.  I was also very happy to have my brother Vincent Belbari on board to help on the illustrations. ( )

Here is a first preview of some final illustrations that I did.

040102 07050306

Here is a quick video showing a part of the rigging facial system that I did on Bulb.

teaser here :

Bulb teaser is out, the full project will be out by the end of this year.  My part include Art direction, character and color design, animation,  modeling + rigging, and light/comp.

Preview of an animation that I did for a 2d/ 3d animated short movie. I did a quick model / rig / anim in Maya , then we painted a bit over to get a style more 2d ish.


Quick color keys for a futur project.  Art by chucco. Alexandre belbari

The Ugly Duck Tale : Here is the final preview of the Panoramic Tale that I did for the Creative digital Book Factory. It was a wonderful experience and and I learned a lot on how to use Photoshop in a better way. The file was about 100 000 * 3000 Pixels so I had to be very careful cleaning the layers all the time ;p

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

After a big month of work, i finally achieved the panoramic tale 🙂 , here is a small preview of the Icy part. ( part 20 other illustrations )11 12


Here is my second illustration for “Imagination at Work”. by General Electric.

“My Dad looks at data from all around the world”

Other talented illustrators are part of this project ( Victo Ngai, Joey Chou and Jen tong )

Follow GE’s tumblr ( to see illustrations by other artists and watch their new fantastic video to see more childlike imaginations:


I got the chance to be part of a great art project called “Imagination at Work”. by General Electric.

“GE employees asked the youngest members of their families to explain what they do and we brought their answers to life.”

For my first illustration I got the line : “My mum makes electricity.”

Other talented illustrators are part of this project ( Victo NgaiJoey Chou andJen tong )

Follow GE’s tumblr ( to see illustrations by other artists and watch their new fantastic video to see more childlike imaginations:

I hope That was a great year for you guys ! and if not, I wish you the best for 2014 , a lot of drawings, and nice projects! 🙂  Happy new Year everyone.lowdef_chucco_happy2014


Squares Records is an associative record label heavily influenced by DIY concepts and collective production.

They are about to release their first compilation, check out the video teaser Here

I also did a few illustrations for the Cd and Cover.

chucco_squares_1_HD chucco_squares_2_HD


Here is a test of Animated illustration using only photoshop , I wanted to try a quick one before doing more serious stuff. ( More to come 😀 )